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It is impossible to talk and think about the theme of this issue, lived bodies, without taking into account the ongoing genocide experienced by Palestinian people and the forceful expansion and occupation of Palestinian land by the nation-state of Israel. Queering the Map: Palestinian Voices aims to bring together and to amplify the voices of queer Palestinians who have submitted their testimonies to Queering the Map, reporting embodied experiences of disposession, diaspora and queer love. 

Queering the Map is a community generated counter-mapping platform for digitally archiving LGBTQ2IA+ experience in relation to physical space. The platform provides an interface to collaboratively record the cartography of queer life—from park benches to the middle of the ocean—in order to preserve queer histories and unfolding realities, which continue to be invalidated, contested, and erased. From collective action to stories of coming out, encounters with violence to moments of rapturous love, Queering the Map functions as a living archive of queer life.

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